BMW Key Replacement at BMW of West Chester, PA

Is your BMW key lost, damaged, or stolen? The team at BMW of West Chester is here to help. Reach out to us today, and we can get you a new BMW key fob in no time. You will need to provide two proof of ownership examples to order your BMW key fob replacement:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (aka VIN)
  • A Copy of Your Vehicle Registration OR Vehicle Title
  • A Copy of Your Valid Drivers License

The information on both documents must match to receive your BMW key fob replacement. If you cannot provide both documents with matching information, we cannot assist you until the proper documentation is provided. Once you have the documents you need, simply visit, call, or e-mail our parts department at [email protected] to start the ordering process.

Your BMW Key Fob Order

We require payment upfront when ordering a replacement BMW key fob near Downingtown. Once the order has been placed, it cannot be canceled or refunded. If your order is placed prior to 3 p.m. EST, the replacement BMW key fob will be shipped to us the following business day (Monday through Friday). For orders placed on Saturday, the key will be available Tuesday assuming there are no holidays.

Generally, we ask that you physically stop in to pick up your new key once it has arrived. However, we can ship the key to you for a fee of $15. An adult signature is required for delivery.

Where can I buy a BMW Key Fob Replacement?

BMW of West Chester Parts Department is your go-to resource for replacing your BMW key regardless of the vehicles age. Just follow our steps above to verify ownership of your vehicle, and we can assist you with ordering a replacement key.

What is the BMW Key Fob Replacement Price?

The cost to replace a BMW Key Fob depends on your BMW. Please confirm pricing for your specific vehicle with our parts team before placing an order. Below are just estimates of what to expect for pricing.

  • Newer models (2018+): $360 and up, plus tax
  • Older Models: $265 and up, plus tax.

How Do I Program My New BMW Key Fob?

  • For Select Models with Comfort Access: You will need to schedule a service appointment and bring all of your keys as we will need to reprogram your vehicle which requires a BMW Certified Technician. This service costs an extra $100, on top of the price of the key.
  • For Older Models without Comfort Access: Your BMW key should come pre-programmed to your vehicle. Just insert it into the ignition slot and hold it in place while pressing the start-stop button simultaneously.
  • For Newer Models (2018+): The new key comes pre-programmed for your vehicle, it may need to be held against the right-hand side of the steering column to initially pair the key.

How to Replace a BMW Key Battery

If you need to replace your BMW key battery, it’s actually quite simple. In most cases, you can replace the BMW key battery by simply popping open the back cover of your key. In some cases, the entire key will need to be replaced. Here is how to replace a BMW key battery:

  • Press the button to remove the metal key from its holder.
  • Use the metal key to pop open the plastic cover on the backside of the key.
  • Replace the battery inside, usually a CR2032 or CR2450.

If you run into trouble, stop by our parts department and we will be happy to help! We usually have a supply of replacement batteries on hand for a small fee of under $15, but pricing varies based on the type of key.

Some older BMW keys have rechargeable batteries. These can be recharged by placing the key inside the dashboard when starting the vehicle. One drive cycle is usually enough to recharge it. Eventually these keys will need to be fully replaced when the battery stops holding a charge.

Where can I buy a replacement BMW Digital Key Card?

BMW of West Chester Parts Department can assist you with ordering a replacement BMW Digital Key Card, the process is the same as ordering a regular key fob.

How do I pair a BMW Digital Key Card?

To pair a new BMW Digital Key, please follow the instructions below.

How can I buy a BMW Display Key Replacement?

BMW of West Chester Parts Department can assist you with this. Please follow the instructions at the top of this page to verify ownership of your vehicle. Once you do that, we can assist you with ordering a replacement BMW Display Key.

Can I add on a BMW Display Key if my vehicle did not originally come equipped with one?

The short answer is No. Unfortunately, if your BMW did not come equipped with the BMW Display Key from the factory, BMW of West Chester is not able to retroactively add it to your vehicle.

Where can I buy a BMW Key Chain?

BMW of West Chester Parts department carries a great selection of BMW Key Chains. Please follow this link to view our available options. BMW Key Chains and Rings

Where can I buy a BMW Key Fob Case?

BMW of West Chester Parts Department has many BMW Key Fob Case options, to view our selection please follow the link BMW Key Fob Cases

Key Pairing Instructions For Select BMW Key Fobs.

Diamond or FZV Key: The initialization of the FZV keys is required to establish the Lock/Unlock signal synchronization with the GM. The initialization procedure provides the GM with a key identification number and a “rolling code” for each key. If the initialization is not performed, the GM will not respond to the key signals. Up to 4 remote keys can be initialized. They must be initialized at the same time. Key initialization is only possible with the vehicle unlocked. Procedure:
  1. Close all doors and have all keys available.
  2. Using key number 1, turn the ignition switch to KL R, then switch off within 5 seconds and remove the first key.
  3. Within 30 seconds of turning the ignition switch to “off” Press and hold the arrow button.
  4. While holding the arrow button, press and release (“tap”) the roundel button three times within 10 seconds.
  5. Release both buttons. The GM will immediately lock and unlock the doors signaling a successful initialization.
  6. If additional keys need to be initialized repeat steps 3 – 5 within 30 seconds.
  7. Switching the ignition to KL R completes the initialization. SERVICE NOTE: The key memory function of the GM responds to the key identification number of each key. If the keys are not initialized in the same order prior to initialization, the key memory function activated by the keys will not be assigned correctly. Always initialize the keys in the same order. 

Rectangular Shaped Key: Insert the new key into ignition slot and hold it in place while simultaneously pressing the start/stop button to initialize the key.

Trapezoid Shaped Key: To Manually Teach-in a new Key please follow the steps below.

  1. Remove all existing keys from the interior of the vehicle.
  2. Press the Start-Stop button. The Check Control message “No remote key found” appears and then the request to hold the key at the ring aerial.
  3. Hold the new remote control against the ring aerial immediately as shown in the image to the right. Press the Start-Stop button again. If necessary press the Start-Stop button several times until the ignition can be switched on.
  4. Perform a function check, Lock/Unlock Button to lock and unlock the doors, then start the engine.

Contact BMW of West Chester for More Information

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the team at BMW of West Chester. We would be more than happy to assist you. You can also explore our service tips and tricks or stop by in person. We’re just a short drive from Chadds Ford and Exton.

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